The Problem

Few are immune to the plagues of complacency and entitlement which are the result of unconscious habits. Left unaddressed they are destructive... and whether personally or organizationally, you and/or your people are destined for a culture of unhappiness filled with people who hate what they do.

  • You just need the right tools and study after study is pointing to gratitude as that exact tool.

  • People yearn for meaning in their work and gratitude is a natural ally in growing a genuine sense of purpose in work.

The results were long-term, they were profound and they've made a difference in many of the lives of our people - at work and at home.

The Solution


  • A more positive culture is the foundation of a positive workplace, and workforce. It might seem like a small thing, but positive culture can have major impacts on health, happiness and turnover!

  • Employees who are grateful and positive become more resilient, dedicated and less likely to take sick leave. Absenteeism costs roughly 15 billion annually in Canada.

  • Happy people and employees stay... unhappy ones leave. Cut recruitment and training expenses and create the team you want... the team your people want.

  • Grateful people tend are healthier, live longer, more fulfilled lives. Leaders have the power to improve lives by developing and growing their people... STATUSGRO™ helps make that happen.

  • Engagement and productivity go hand in hand. When gratitude increases, engagement increases, meaning overall productivity increases! Employees become productive, because they want to be productive.

  • A grateful workforce's engagement skyrockets! Engaged employees are emotionally committed to their work, are more focused and open to learning; leading to a more competent and efficient team.

When you think about gratitude as a daily component of your life, you understand how powerful it is in balancing people's understanding of themselves on their own and themselves as part of the team.

That part was very important.

Course content

  • 1
    Welcome to STATUS GRO!
    • Before we begin...
  • 2
    Introduction & Habit 1
    • Habits
    • Benefits
    • An Engineer
    • Habit 1
    • Four Filter View of Life
    • Post 3 gratitudes about your story
    • Gratitude lists at work... they work
    • Habit 1
    • 21 tips for making a gratitude list
    • Individual or Team Exercise
    • Test your learning
    • Lesson Resources
  • 3
    Gratitude at work framework & Habit 2
    • 3 types of gratitude
    • Experiencing gratitude
    • Gratitude at work framework
    • Habit 2
    • Perspective is critical
    • Other's Gratitudes
    • Habit 2
    • Individual or Team exercise - Looking for gratitude at work
    • Test your learning
    • Lesson Resources
  • 4
    Grateful Leadership and Habit 3
    • Gratitude as virtue
    • 3 compelling reasons for grateful leadership
    • Provide positive experiences
    • Habit 3
    • Interconnection of the 3 habits
    • Habit 3
    • Individual or Team Exercise - Making sense of the first 3 gratitude habits
    • Test your learning
    • Lesson Resources
  • 5
    Appreciation & Habit 4
    • The 2-sided coin
    • What is appreciation?
    • The 5 languages of appreciation
    • The 5 Languages
    • What is your language?
    • Habit 4
    • Habit 4
    • Individual or Team Exercise - 5 Languages of Appreciation
    • How do you make sense of this?
    • Test your learning
    • Lesson Resources
  • 6
    Gratitude hacks
    • What is hacking?
    • Why hack?
    • The 6 hacks
    • 5 hacks
    • Benefit vs Sacrifice
    • Exercise - Benefits VS Sacrifice
    • What's your ratio
    • Team Exercise - Gratitude and Challenges
    • Individual Exercise - Gratitude and Challenges
    • How do you make sense of this?
    • Test learning
    • Lesson Resources
  • 7
    The STATUS QUO temptations